Start To Finish Podcasting proves podcasting consulting for the masses! If you are new to podcasting and want to start a podcast or if you are just an established podcaster who would like to improve and take their podcast to the next level, Start To Finish Podcasting has a consulting package for you.  We also will assist you in troubleshooting any audio or technical issues with your podcast.  Remember there is no problem to small.  During your consulting session feel free to ask as many questions as feel you need to. Start To Finish Podcasting truly believes that there is no such thing as “a dumb question”.

Here are some of the consulting services that we provide. These services are provided through one on one consulting.

  1. Choosing a podcast topic.
  2. Setting up your initial website.
  3. Identifying the required podcasting equipment.
  4. Equipment setup connects.
  5. Audio setting and microphone technique.
  6. Post production and audio editing.
  7. Introduction to WordPress and plugins installations.
  8. fixing podcasting and website problems,
  9. Podcast promotion (and email list).
  10. Social media integration.

Consulting sessions are conduct through webinar format as well as email, phone and in person (if local).  Webinar sessions involve utilizing our computer screen and video camera. This will prove you with the best visual learning to start or improve your podcast.  All consulting sessions are recorded and emailed to you so that you have a reference guide to improving your podcast. It would be an hour to work with individuals who are as serious about podcasting as we are.

Don’t put off improving or starting your podcast any longer. Now is your time to finally take that leap and start your own podcast.  Don’t wait any longer. The world is waiting for you.

Sign up for your 30 minute consultation now and lets get started with creating or improving your podcast.

FREE 30 Minute Podcast Consultation

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There is a podcast for you in the future. It is waiting for you. Don't wait any longer. Don't let the fear dictate your decision for you. Don't allow yourself to think that you dont have enough time. Your time is now. Lets talk about your ideas.

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